Property taxes have risen an average of 33% in Denver since 2021. If your home value and subsequent property taxes have jumped an unexpected amount, we can help you file an appeal.

From the Denver Assessor’s website: You have the legal right to protest your property value if you believe it is incorrect. When you receive a Notice of Valuation, there will be instructions along with it explaining how you may submit a protest either in writing, in person, or over the Internet. The deadline to file for the current year by any method is June 8th. Protests that are postmarked after June 8th will not be accepted.

When protesting, be sure to explain why you think your value is incorrect; please submit any information (such as sales of homes like yours or information concerning condition problems with your home, etc.), which will assist the Assessor in making a review of your value. Include your parcel/schedule number (which is shown on your Notice of Valuation) and a daytime phone number.

See the links below to start the appeal process ASAP in your respective county. The deadline to protest is June 8th for each county.

Douglas County:

El Paso County:

Denver County:

Arapahoe County:

Jefferson County:

Adams County:

Weld County:

Boulder County:

** If you would like our help, please email a copy of your current assessment decision. We will examine which comparable sales the Assessor used to establish the value and then provide new comparable sales that are more appropriate to your home. 

For homeowners who refinanced before June 30, 2022, you can use the information from the refinancing as a form of third-party assessment as part of your appeal. 

Once an appeal is filed, you have until June 30 to explain why you think the value is incorrect. 

The state must respond by Aug. 15. Property owners also need a copy of the assessment decision — the letter arriving in the mail in the next few days. Then the Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) will schedule a videoconference hearing. 

There are some fees to appeal. Property owners appealing pay $101.25 per piece of property if represented by an agent or lawyer. If owners do not have representation, the first two appeals are free, followed by a fee of $33.75 per piece of property. Accelerated appeals on commercial property with renters are $200. 

As homeowners, we know that it's important to have a sense of what your home is worth, even if you're not planning on protesting your property tax assessment. Here are some reasons why getting an updated home value could be helpful: 

1. Accurate value: Knowing the value of your home is useful if you plan on selling, refinancing, or beginning renovations in the next 6-18 months. 

2. Neighborhood insights: An updated home value report can give you insights into how your property compares to others in the area. 

3. Investment opportunities: Knowing the value of your home can help you identify potential investment opportunities in your area. 

4. With enough equity in your home, you can establish a Home Equity Line of Credit to be used for emergencies. 

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